Meet the Creators of Paleo Pack!

Kaleb Reinhart

As a nine year old one of Kaleb's favorite activities is telling stories to his Nana. One day she had the idea to type his stories into the computer as he dictated them to her.

His stories where always about his favorite video game Spore. Then during one of these sessions he started talking about the Paleo Pack and Kaleb Triceratops from the planet Kava. As time went on these stories started to actually have some character development and some basic plot lines.

 Kaleb now has a full line of good guys and bad guys and only his mind can determin what will happen to them.

AJ Reinhart

As a creative professional I am extremely excited to present the webcomic to the online world. As a father nothing could make me more proud

of the talent and excitement my son Kaleb has shown towards this project. This is truly from the mind of a nine year old.

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